Monday, 27 June 2011

E.L. – Surrender of Earned Leave - Encashment during the financial year 2011-2012 onwards – Instructions – Issued

The calendar for surrender of Earned Leave is dispensed with w.e.f. 
1-4-2009 and employees are  permitted to surrender earned leave at any time 
not exceeding 15/30 days within a block period of one/two financial years 
w.e.f. 1-4-2009.  All other conditions prevailing before 1-4-1989 and other 
amendments issued on the subject till now will hold good. 
 b) Government permit the employees who have a balance of 
more than 285 days of E.L. as on 30thJune, 2009 to surrender E.L. without 
waiting for completion of 12 months.
   The above instructions shall also continue from the financial year 
2011-2012 onwards for encashment of 15 days of E.L. by Government 
employees provided if there is 12 months gap for one surrender to another 
surrender in one financial year, and 30 days if there is gap of 24 months for 
two financial years.  The gap of 12/24 months shall be worked out from the 1st
day of leave surrendered last time to the 1st day of leave proposed for surrender now. 
  In respect of the employees who are having 286  days and above of 
E.L. to their credit as on 30thJune of every year, they are permitted to 
surrender without following the gap of 12 months.  
 The above orders will be applicable for every year i.e., no orders need 
be issued every year for encashment of earned leave, until further orders 
changing the above policy are issued by the Government.  

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